Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hair Cut and G Strings

After posting so many philosophical thoughts, I figured that you the reader deserved something more lighthearted.  Firstly, I finally went to get my hair cut.  I told the woman cutting my hair to leave less than half an inch on the sides and about an inch on the top.  She understood me properly about the sides, but only cut off an inch on the top.  I didn't have the heart or the will-power to correct her and decided that it would probably be good for me to have a new hairstyle anyway.  Unfortunately, when I got home I couldn't decide how to style my long-on-top, short-on-the-sides hair.  Thus, this afternoon, having no Greek homework and trying to amuse myself while my wife completed a free-lance graphic design project, I experimented with several different hairdos.  So, without any further ado...The many faces of Marc Hong.*

I like to call this one the faux-hawk.  Or the unicorn.

This is the plain, ordinary part to one-side style.

This is the "I could kill you with my pinky" style.  My music teachers always said I was a tenor, but I could swear that I'm a "Soprano."

This isn't really a style.  It's just to show you how long the hair on top is as opposed to the sides.

On another note, I broke a guitar string today, after having strung my guitar a mere two weeks ago.  And of course, the string I broke was, you guessed it, the G-string.  It's the only string I've ever broken.  Which means that every time I break a string I can say to my wife: "Hey honey, I just broke my G-string."  To which she simply responds by rolling her eyes.+

*A note to all wives or future wives: this is what happens when your husband has too much time on his hands.  You have been warned.
+I thank God every day that my wife is a patient woman.


Q said...

Very nice styles. I have broken many a g-string too. ... Wait, perhaps that could be misinterpreted. Oh well, I shall let it stand. Welcome to the blogosphere! (this is Jeff DeSurra by the way)

Dana said...

Oh Marc. I miss you wayyy too much. seeing your face made me tear up.
I know this has nothing to do with the post itself, but I thought I'd share.

Jesse said...

I wish I could restring my own guitar...


Christina said...

i like the second picture... it looks the most like you!

miss ya marc!

Marc said...

Jeff - thanks for the encouragement on the g-strings and the hairstyles and for the welcome! Hopefully you start blogging again as well once you come back to campus, or at least you and I can have a nice long talk about what your summer's been like.

Dana - I miss you too. Thanks for sharing :).

Jesse - It's okay, man. *pats Jesse on the back* maybe someday, when you're older, I'll tell you all about it.

Christina - Really? Are you sure the hardcore, slicked-back one doesn't look the most like me? Actually, the scary thing is that before I took these photos, right after getting home from classes, I was just wrenching my hair while thinking about something deeply theological. I stood up from my deep thoughts and walked around the apartment for a while. I finally looked in the mirror in our bedroom, and I'd wrenched my hair so much that, no joke, I had created two "horns" of hair. I looked like a demon. It was creepy. I didn't think at the time to grab the camera, but I really wish I had. Ah well, probably better that pictures of me as some minion of the underworld aren't floating around on the internet.

Amy Florence said...

Great hair, Marc. I kinda like the last one! :-)

Kate said...

Only you Marc, only you.

By the way, I miss you and Sarah! Hope all is well in New Jersey :)

Q said...

I will be blogging again soon. =) But I'd still enjoy talking about it too.