Sunday, November 2, 2008


Odd thing, my last post lists the day I began to write it, not the day it was posted.  I wonder if I can change that.  Anyway, faithful reader, I hope that you will also notice that I added a little "widget" to my "about this blog" section.  It's a calculator of a program that I'm working through right now called National Novel Writing Month, or nanowrimo for short.  Basically, it involves writing as much as you can in the month of November, hopefully enough for a 50,ooo word (175 page) novel.  The writing is straight from the hip, no editing, just writing, writing, writing.  I am doing this with the intent to break my habit of over-editing as I write, and to help me to discipline myself to writing more.  As you can see, on day one I did not accomplish much, but I am going to keep trying, going to keep writing.  So, you can follow my progress!

If you want to learn more about nanowrimo, just go to

Thanks again, faithful reader!


Samuel D. Smith said...

How'd it go? An amazing novel on the way?

Anyway, I appreciate your very thoughtful comment over at the Rabbit Room today.

Peace to you.

Marc said...

Ah well, unfortunately, the stressful reading and writing schedule of the seminary life caught up to me. I never finished my nanowrimo novel. However, I am currently writing a children's fantasy fiction for the same class that I mentioned over at the Rabbit Room. That's going fairly well. Thanks for coming over to my miniscule corner of the blog-o-verse and for all of the amazing things you all do at Rabbit Room.