Thursday, July 16, 2009

Testing, Testing

Testing, Testing. *taps the microphone* Is anyone out there?

Despite all appearances to the contrary, I have not abandoned this blog, though I could be charged with severe neglect. Unfortunately, time (and life) have gotten away from me in the past few months. Consider this post, however, my triumphal return (or my slow walk of shame, tail between my legs).

I hope only this, that I can improve my blogging to at least once a week (a feasible goal, and a definite improvement over once every three months!).

So, here's to blogging!

Thanks for sticking with me (if you have, and even if you haven't) faithful readers!


Amy Florence said...
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Amy Florence said...

Stop!! I'm here. (I hate when people tap on the mic - it's so annoying)


Seriously though, I'm glad you are back and look forward to reading your thoughts.