Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Addendum to A Church Musician

An addendum of sorts to this post on identity. I discovered the following quotes from Wendell Berry the other day. It comforts me to know that one of my all time favorite writers doesn't obsess about writing. There's freedom in that. And I'm grateful.

From the Writer's Almanac blog:

He said: “I never felt like I had to write in order to be happy. It has given me great freedom as a writer.”

And: “I’ve known writers — I think it’s true also of other artists — who thought that you had to put your art before everything. But if you have a marriage and a family and a farm, you’re just going to find that you can’t always put your art first, and moreover that you shouldn’t. There are a number of things more important than your art. It’s wrong to favor it over your family, or over your place, or over your animals.”

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